CalConnect Welcomes Spherical Cow Group

CalConnect welcomes Spherical Cow Group to the Consortium. Spherical Cow Group, based in New York, NY, is an IT consultancy particularly around calendaring and identity management.

CalConnect Welcomes FastMail

CalConnect welcomes FastMail as a member of the Consortium. FastMail, based in Melbourne, Australia, is a hosted e-mail service with additional features including calendaring support.

CalConnect Welcomes SmoothSync

CalConnect welcomes SmoothSync as a member of the Consortium. SmoothSync, based in Dresden, Germany, offers a synchronization tool for Android apps syncing with iCloud and Yahoo.

CalConnect Welcomes Burbio

CalConnect welcomes Burbio as a member of the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. Burbio, based in Pelham, New York, offers a calendar sharing and synchronization platform built for local communities such as suburban towns.

CalConnect Welcomes 1&1

CalConnect welcomes 1&1 Internet AG as a member of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. 1&1, based in Montbaur, Germany, offers internet and portal services to customers in Europe and elsewhere. 1&1 is a member of United Internet.

CalConnect Welcomes Software AG

CalConnect welcomes Software AG as a member of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. Software AG, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, is a worldwide provider of ERM, Business Process Management, and related software and services.

CalConnect Welcomes BusyMac

CalConnect welcomes BusyMac as a member of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. BusyMac, headquartered in Bainbridge Island, Washington, develops calendaring products for MacOS.


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