Schedule for CalConnect XV now available

The schedule for CalConnect XV (June 1-5 2009) is now available on the CalConnect website, at or as a downloadable iCalendar file at

The CalConnect week is divided into an Interoperability Test Event, all day Monday and Tuesday, plus Wednesday morning, and a CalConnect Roundtable, beginning with lunch on Wednesday and running to midafternoon on Friday. CalConnect XV will be hosted by Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores; for more information refer to

Revision to iCalendar (rfc2445bis) approved as Proposed Standard by IESG

The IESG has just announced that the revised draft of RFC 2445, Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar) (currently called rfc2445bis) has been approved as a Proposed Standard. CalConnect has for some time been providing input and errata to the IETF CALSIFY working group to support this revision. CalConnect congratulates the CALSIFY working group, Bernard Desruisseaux, the editor of the revision, and everyone who worked to bring this revision to completion and publication. The revised version of RFC 2445 will allow the incorporation of extensions to iCalendar for additional functionality, such as VAVAILABILITY.

The approved version of RFC 2445bis may be found at

A complete list of all changes from RFC 2445 to the bis version may be found at

Notify Technology joins CalConnect

I’m delighted to announce that Notify Technology has joined The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium.

CalConnect publishes Proposal for Freebusy Read URL

CalConnect’s FREEBUSY Technical Committee has just published a Proposal* for Freebusy Read URL. This Proposal defines a standardized form of Freebusy Read URL to improve interoperability between client and server implementations, while extending the functionality and utility through the use of optional parameters. Please see Freebusy Read URL.

*CalConnect Proposals are experimental specifications intended for research and exploration, e.g. through trial implementations, to determine usefulness and applicability. Proposals deemed successful are candidates to be offered to an appropriate standards body for adoption and progression as a standard.

February 2009 Interoperability Test Event Report

CalConnect has published the public version of the Interoperability Test Event Report from February 2009. Full internal reports are only available to representatives of members of the Consortium, but the public event reports are freely available on the CalConnect website. The report may be viewed at February 2009 CalConnect Interoperability Test Report.

Member News – Calendaring at Duke University

During the past year, calendaring has taken hold on the campus at Duke University, with the launch of its institutional events calendar, Events@Duke (, last July and the launch of a student calendar, buzz (, this past January. To get an idea of the types of things they’re doing, the following are stories about their calendaring efforts.
A number of universities that have implemented, or are implementing, the Bedework software as their event calendars have been collaborating as they discover they share many of the same functional requirements for a public event calendar. Using the same Bedework software used for its institutional calendar, Duke launches an event calendar for students. Facebook and Google calendar widgets add new functionality to Duke’s event calendars. Duke introduces customized applications, including its public events calendar, for mobile devices Website provides Duke departments and calendar admins with tools for generating and consuming RSS and XML files of events from its calendars.

Member News Announcements

The CalConnect Blog will be publishing short announcements from our members about significant news and events in the calendaring space. This may include but will not be limited to product announcements, and the intent is to try and provide a useful feed for calendaring-related information to interested parties. These posts will consist of short summaries and links to actual documents, press releases, blogs, and so forth.


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